How to choose the Right Career for Yourself

Choosing a career for yourself can be quite compelling and confusing. But, choosing the right career may not be a piece of cake for everyone. So, what does choosing the right career mean? Does it mean following your parent's footsteps or a profession they push you into? Does it mean to choose a career that is highly paid where you get a few extra zeros on your paycheck? Or does it mean to choose the trendiest career which has a fair demand in the market or likely to increase in the near future?

We, often face issues when it comes to choosing a career. Sometimes we also end up making the wrong choice. The key to making the right choice is often beyond exploring professions and receiving advice from others. For starters, we need to be well aware of ourselves; who we are as an individual, our likes and dislikes, the things we are passionate about, our goals and the availability of current resources. Considering all of the above points brings us to a brief list and sets a comparative analysis making it easier for us to decide a career for ourselves.

If you have already figured out what you want to pursue as a career and are way ahead of the possibility of finding yourself in the career turmoil, in that case, this blog may not be very helpful. However, if you often find yourself worrying about your career, often deflect, or have second thoughts about your choice, this blog might be exactly what you need. So before wasting any time, let's unfold this!

1. Discover your Personality type:

This, of course, has to do with analyzing yourself and being completely aware of who you are as an individual. Knowing your personality type plays a strong role in determining the career you eventually choose for yourself. Talking about the types: you could be either an introvert or an extrovert! However, this can change (only if you want it to!) with time and experience.

For extroverts, dealing with human resources (or people), in general, is easy and usually fun. They can converse and express themselves well! They are more out-going and socializing. Which itself makes it a skill that not everyone is born with. (Well! Especially not me). Some of the jobs for extroverts are Lawyer, Sales Manager, Event Planner, Human Resource Advisor, Teacher, Financial Advisor, Actor or Influencer, etc.

Being an Introvert I learned that there are equal opportunities for us too! Introverts can do well in professions like Graphic Designers, Programmers, Photographers, Writer, Freelancers, Interior Designer, Accountant, etc.

Career may not solely depend on your personality type. So even if you are an introvert and have an interest in being an influencer or a lawyer, you should totally be on it!

2. Know Your Strengths (and Weaknesses!):

Everyone is born with a strength or a quality that makes them unique! The key to being successful in your career is to take advantage of that very strength of yours. You can leverage your potential by being exceptionally good at what you are born with! If you have a leadership quality you can consider being an entrepreneur; if you are patient and good at listening, you can be a counselor, and so on.

You should recognize that strength and use it to your advantage, but if you haven't found it yet, try exploring new things and be surprised at the discovery of your new skill.

You can likewise recognize your weakness and try working on it. If not, then you can also stick to your strength and perfecting it, making your weaknesses irrelevant!

3. Seek Advice From Others:

You can always get in touch with your seniors, relatives, or people you know who are already employed since they are more likely to have professional experience than you. Moreover, they are aware and updated regarding the professions that they are in and can suggest you better. If you are looking forward to pursuing a career, consider speaking to someone who already is in that very profession. He/She can give you the insights that you may not get by merely reading about it.

4. Make a List of Occupations to Explore:

While you may be aware of a lot of career options available for you, you should also consider doing a fair amount of research on upcoming or new employment opportunities. With the rise in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, the employment opportunities may not remain the same for decades. Along with this, as everyone is aware of the COVID-19 situation, the employment trends are certainly likely to be hampered in the future. So, keeping this in mind make a list of all the occupations you want to explore or give it a try in the coming future.

5. Work as an Intern:

You may never get an actual idea of the corporate world, not until you work in a company or are physically present in that environment. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to get an experience in the corporate environment. You can examine if you can adjust to the environment, meet deadlines, and communicate well with your colleagues. Besides, internships teach you a lot more than you think. It teaches you the practical use of theoretical knowledge in the real world. So, do consider taking an internship in the field of your choice or in the field where you are likely to make a career in. Internships may or may not be paid, depending on the company and the profile.

6. Make a Career Action Plan:

Making a career action plan is such an understatement, as a majority of people don't realize its importance. Having a career action plan lays a map in front of you for achieving your dreams and goals. It is time-oriented, making it significantly more realistic than a vague goal that you plan to achieve in the future. Your 'Career Action Plan' can be divided into three parts i.e., Short term, Medium-term, and Long term. You could choose to keep a job in your short term plan, maybe, if you like to start a business, keep that as a medium-term plan, and the returns you are likely to get by investments (or choose to invest in a particular financial product), make as a long term plan.

Your plan does not necessarily have to revolve around finances if you wish to work in the short and medium-term and travel full time, later on, definitely consider that as your long term plan. Be sure to write that down on paper so that you are more aware and certain of it.

7. Identify your Passion:

You can also consider making a career out of your passion. It gives you a sense of satisfaction as you end up loving your work. By having any skill and practicing it until perfection can give you a head start at choosing your passion as your career. But don't wait for yourself to be perfect at something to start your career, you will eventually learn newer skills with experience and time. So, feel free to give it a shot, if you are good at something and were hesitant to pursue it as a career.

8. Take a Career Test:

If you are still unsure about what to choose as a career, you should consider giving a career test. A career test has a definite number of questions that assess your skills and strengths, and you are required to complete that in a given time-frame. Once you have finished taking the test, you will be matched with 2-3 best career choices suitable to your strength and skills.


At the end of the day, choosing a career is a big decision which of course depends on various factors, however, the decision lies in our hands only. Without the fear of failure, we must have the courage to explore and discover different fields and skillset. You never know what can surprise you and give you utter happiness and purpose in life! After all, it's not the money earned that matters, but the smiles on people's faces!

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